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You again good also will be someone to you, you also someone will take you as a life. Don't show off in an ostentatious manner so cow force is, don't fall down and out.


In life, there is always a period of time, need you go, carry yourself. Don't feel afraid, don't feel lonely, this is just the price of growth.


Give up is also a choice, give up is not powerless, but because they have a better choice. Sometimes, it takes courage to give up than still.


The so-called happiness, there is a thankful heart, a healthy body, a desirable job, a deep love your lover, a bunch of reliable friend.


The wind fluttering, the snow is well. Dream does not know age is old, hazy who climb in the world. The night he and smoke curled up. Is true or false, a bridge rebirth much less.


Love, has always been a flexuous thing. Never been forsaken, never hurt, how to understand love? Love, originally is a kind of experience, I wish people for a long time.


Missing is a handful of water, hands, in full, when openhanded, all fell in the dust, wipe out, leaving only the hands of the shallow moist.


One thing, if you like it, so enjoy it. Don't like it, so avoid it. Don't leave, then change it. Don't change, then accept it.


Some people, not the wrong object, but do not understand right from the start; In the choice of love at the same time, also choose a way of life.


Everyone has their own theater, he set the manager, actors, the flash, screenwriter, waiter, janitor job change scene, box at a suit, also or the audience.


Bear or breakthrough, the rest of the time is to be quiet about your experience everything. One day, the silence will get road and answers.


Culture and youth with dreams, such as song such as music, the pursuit of a dream light, even ahead of thorns everywhere, also still to trials and hardships, never give up!


Need not despair, also need not despair, for you do not despair in seems to end of the road, always produce new strength, this just means that we are still alive.


Salesman should study his own insights, the ability to judge others character. Should put the study others and inspire their motivation as the important things.


If one day we broke up cool, go out to the world you scold me, I will not share you cry in the middle of the night with a smile just give me a secret to tell someone.


When we love a person, will remember some related picture with him. After losing him, as long as the thought of, he will appear, will appear in the picture.


In march of this sad and beautiful, I from my youth in thin the horse, through the purple pansy, through the kapok, through the soliloquy and impermanence scenery.


The busy work, to a happy life; Study is also hard for happier life. Don't you want to go on, must look up at her way.


Friendship warm friend injured heart, fire lit up the stray and the way forward, the clouds broke up the lonely heart, lit the losers new hope.


It takes only a minute can run into a person, an hour to like someone and a day to fall in love with a person, but it takes lifetime to forget a person.


People no difference in the physical, the difference is in the soul, how big is your spirit world, your vision is how big of your career.


Teenager, I like crazy, take me away these three words. Now, I will never wayward let anyone take me away. I learned that I go.


Any contract can be torn up, any treaty can be destroyed, any law can be abolished, any promise is can not deliver.


Even himself into a peck of dirt, as long as it is spread on the road to truth, to let his friends fast blunt past, is also the biggest happiness.


Wait, is the strongest. Don't you go out on their own, others don't come in. We can wait, happiness can come slowly, as long as it is true.


People on the one hand, want to rely on, on the other hand, don't want to pain, but rely on lead to pain, because produce bondage and imprisoned, then there is the pain.


You must learn to enjoy in life, to enjoy work the cheerful, enjoy friends laugh, enjoy the warmth of family, enjoy the joy of creation is to enjoy the sweet fruit.


Abstinence ring nu, seizing method, convergence quiet, is French, by nature, is a convenient method, method of heart is born good. Keep the four method end all the way.


Different times, different locations, different people, the space of change, change appearance, change of language, the same is my missing for you of love!


All tastes, you can never satisfy everyone's taste, good will lead people to follow their own feelings, and not allow yourself to follow others.


Kindness and compassion in the answer of life will also be coated with a few pen, is a plus, at least in the materialistic torrent of large, distinct and clear.


Who drowned in the parents of teenagers, but it will long not adults, and those who leave their parents spoil, outside the hustle and bustle of teenagers, but can be refined into adult verve.


Life gives everyone is not the same, and the meaning of happiness are the same. Who embraced the giving of life, who will grasp the happiness of life.


Remember a person, only remember his good, talk about a person, only talk about his good points. Tolerance others' shortcomings and errors, happiness will around you every day.


When a girl poured out her troubles to you, that's not complain, that is her trust in you. Because no woman is willing to talk to don't like men crap.


Again long way will have the end, the night long will also have an end, no matter how much raining, there will always be stop. FIG leaf smile forever the clouds is the sun!


There are some people who do not understand the dharma, heard that the dharma to broken love, so he would have opposed. He said that no love between man and woman, and what you mean?


Do you think that the sourest feeling is to be jealous? No, the sourest feeling is to have no rights to be don not you are jealous, that is the most acid acid.


Every day busy, hard hard life, but always unknowingly lost what. Sometimes, we need, just a quiet heart.


Girl, please for the sake of a few years later, standing on high heels, has beautiful long hair, and painted with delicate makeup look, from once to denigrate your shitty path.


A person must know when to say or what not to say, when to do or what not to do, this is understand life, understand life.


Dream, no matter is the storm ahead, or flowers, we all thought with one goal: to achieve ideal, because we have another youth!


"Facing the sea, bloomy spring." It is a kind of state, is a poet with out by his own life, don't have to discard it.


Make all irrational things subject to oneself, freely according to their inherent laws to manage all the irrational things, this is the ultimate goal of people.


Desperate, it is a forever corrosion and snake bite the soul, it suck fresh blood, soul and inject pessimistic and despair of poison in it.


Where there is poverty, there is suffering. Suffering, poverty, gaining a fierce and bitter, poor, he yi, in power, will abuse, its reason with.


Help others finish forget things, they do always remember to himself, even if this person only then once more, he was also once helped you.


Time is like a scale, it did not tilt to anyone; Time like a torch, it work hard for people to light the path to success.


Some lose is predestined, some fate is never have the result. Love a person does not necessarily have, have one must take to love her.


Don't expect, the sparrow flying high, high in the sky, is that the eagle territory. The sparrow if straighten his position, so it will be very happy!


MPF heritage in children, children are not necessarily keep; Product in children, children are not necessarily to read. As product gavel in shadow, this is all family heirloom also.


Innovation consciousness, innovation, courage, the innovation spirit is the first, which determine the strength of the innovation ability or vice versa size and level of innovation.


Everyone has their own distinct claims and individual character, don't know way to change others, also, don't change by others. Changed, is not himself.


When thinking of you, write your name in the palm, spread out is miss, hold is happiness. Happiness is simple depend on, is gentle hand in hand.


Tears streaming down, no care, only a heart broke, the reality is cruel, do not need to blame you heartless, only blame we all lost to the reality.


Remember, to do the last out of the card, transfer others feel surprise card, when they thought you were going to lose, so that you can win the match.


Love is like a pair of socks, the more look up not pleasing to the eye of the socks, the more likely it is to accompany in your side forever, the more beautiful socks are often less a like.


Like you, is not the reason why you long very good-looking, but what you gave me in the special time for feeling of others, to the person I love.


Is, in fact, when we lose really didn't know I used to have; But notice when something comes, we have missed.


Maybe now I already can't triumph over time, but that doesn't mean I can't cross the finish line, the carnival atmosphere in the end, be glad for me, please.


Pretend happy, or pretend strong, sometimes maybe just because competitive. Try very hard to bite a tooth, often is not strong, but is struggling to hold your tears.


Mature love, respect, loyalty is not easy, it's voice is low, it is humility, concession, latent, waiting and waiting.


What a mean love? This means that for his happiness and pleasure, to make him to more happiness and do need to do everything, and get pleasure out of this.


People's best work is often in the case of in adversity. The mental pressure, even physical pain can be mental stimulant.


No matter when you start, the important thing is don't stop after starting, no matter when you end, the important thing is don't regret after end.


Office work personnel work said: don't be sorry; Do you mean; Do not mean; Try very hard to do, everyone will question: what do you mean.


Always pursue the ideal, will get lucky goddess visited; But also not to pursue an ideal, the so-called lost some, even lose other aspirations.


Life, after various difficulties with large and small harvest, my mind really mature, no longer childish face, but calm thinking.